Review: Peacemaker by Marianne de Pierres

peacemakerTitle: Peacemaker

Author: Marianne de Pierres

Publisher: Angry Robot

Format: electronic ARC

Where I Received the Title: NetGalley


In a world that has been over-consumed by civilization, Virgin “Ginny” Jackson presides as ranger over the last standing natural park — reminiscent of the Outback (or an Old West-themed desert). Drugs and murder lead to the recruiting of US Marshall, Nate Sixkiller, who is part of an agency that polices mystical events. His experience proves timely when Virgin receives an omen from a supernatural creature from her childhood. As expected, the two law enforcement agents clash, but work together through a series of calamities to bring justice with their peacemakers in hand.

This book truly defines genre blending. It certainly is the space western that is implied with the book’s cover, but don’t expect to find a Firefly spin-off inside. In fact, this book reads much more like an urban fantasy/mystery than a futuristic six-shooter. While the mashing up of genres has become common-place in the last decade, I find it often comes at the expense of the story. In Peacemaker, de Pierres weaves her Sprawl-like setting with the supernatural without jarring the reader.

The prose is sharp and the book is what you would expect from Angry Robot. The short sentences, active voice, and pulpy jargon reminded me of a science fictiony noir novel..

The characters are what help this novel shine the most. Aside from the diverse personalities in Virgin and Nate, Virgin’s friend, Caro, is a bridge between the law enforcers and the law breakers (of which there are many that work with and against Virgin). The individuality of these characters broaden the world that is very different from the one we know.

I found the book enjoyable and fast-paced, but it would be an exaggeration to say that I loved it. There is a lot of action, but ultimately I didn’t form an emotional attachment to the characters and the mystery wasn’t intriguing enough for the plot alone to carry it through. This comment may be a reflection on me as a reader more than on the novel itself, since I am unable to pinpoint any flaws that left my reading experience to be any less than stellar.

But don’t be dissuaded in the least by my favorable, albeit tepid response. Angry Robot continues to put out good fiction and Marianne de Pierres demonstrates in Peacemaker her ability to write engaging fiction that seamlessly spans the entirety of what science fiction and fantasy have to offer.

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