New Books in my TBR Pile

While I prefer paper over plastic, most of my reading these days is on my iPad. In a sense, this is convenient. I can pick up the light-weight device and hop from title to title without moving more than a finger. Four new titles have recently been added to my eReader, making my ever-growing TBR pile even taller (so to speak). Here are the titles I have received recently:


Robert Jackson Bennett gets a lot of love around SF book-blogging circles. Most of it is justifiable and when I saw this was available on NetGalley, I made it a point to request it immediately. The only novel I have read by Bennett is The Troupe, which I found to be a very good read. I know nothing about City of Stairs and I made it a point not to read the publisher’s description (if one has even been released). This is exactly how I like to go into books and I plan on reading this novel shortly.

peacemakerI spy a Joey Hi-Fi cover! While he is easily one of my favorite cover artists in the biz, this cover leaves something to be desired. The artwork is well-crafted and aesthetically pleasing, filled with the classic Joey Hi-Fi image overlays. But… The western, pistol-wielding woman comes across as cliche and the juxtaposition of an eagle over a futuristic city leaves the cover a bit discombobulated instead of harmonious. The very fact that I am discussing the cover means it is doing something very right.

I have been a fan of the publisher, Angry Robot, for a while now and when I see titles from them come out, I pay closer attention. Sci-fi Westerns have been around for a while and there is a sense of nostalgia that I enjoy, whether it is reading a novel or watching Firefly or Cowboy Bebop. I am not familiar with Marianne De Pierres, but I intend on giving this one a shot too.


Rob Steiner, an author who I learned is a fellow-Michigander, sent along his novel that blends Roman history and space opera. Umm. Yes, please. While I haven’t read Dan Simmons’ (one of my favorite authors) books Ilium and Olympos, this novel’s description sort of reminded me of a Roman version of Simmons’ Greek dualogy. Ugh — too much to read, but I want to get to this one as well. It only has a few reviews on Goodreads, but they all are really good. Hopefully I can add another one to the mix.

Earthbound 1Earthbound 2Despite my 2014 reading list being filled with Urban Fantasy, this is not typically a sub-genre I gravitate toward.  I received two titles in the Earthbound Angels series by Elizabeth Corrigan and thought it would be worth looking into them. I had just finished a good angel-themed noir fantasy, Something More than Night by Ian Tregillis, when these books came to my attention. The Earthbound Angel series takes place in a world where humans interact with angels and demons and the first two books have received good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. From the description, I am getting the vibe that it is more adventure than paranormal romance (a genre I try to avoid with my engineering-minded tin heart). I’m a little on the fence on these titles, but may give them a chance in the coming weeks.

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  1. I like Joey Hi-Fi’s work as well and don’t mind this one at all, especially if it is an accurate portrayal of the character in the book (not sure if it is, just making the statement).

    • I dont mind it, but it’s not my favorite. Too much. It is mostly accurate except the whole sci fi aspect of the story seems completely unneccesary — at least for the first third of the book so far. Given the title of the novel, I suppose a woman holding a peacemaker is fitting.


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