2014 Short Stories Read

Here is my list of 2014 short stories read in the order that I read them. Titles that are denoted with a Star are reviews that I deem to be of award-nominee quality. These are titles that transcend the current field with either a higher writing quality or innovative ideas as compared to their peers.

  1. “The Clockwork Soldier”  by Ken Liu Star   Clarkesworld, Issue 88
  2. “Grave of the Fireflies” by Cheng Jingbo (translated by Ken Liu)  Clarkesworld, Issue 88
  3. “Wine” by Yoon Ha Lee  Clarkesworld, Issue 88
  4. “Ekaterina and the Firebird” by Abra Staffin-Wiebe TOR.com
  5. “The Scrivener” by Eleanor Arnason  Subterranean Press, Winter 2014
  6. “Bit Players” by Greg Egan  Subterranean Press, Winter 2014
  7. “The Prelate’s Commission” by Jeffrey Ford  Star  Subterranean Press, Winter 2014
  8. “Nanny Anne and the Christmas Story” by Karen Joy Fowler  Subterranean Press, Winter 2014
  9. “Hayfever” by Frances Hardinge  Subterranean Press, Winter 2014
  10. “Caligo Lane” by Ellen Klages  Subterranean Press, Winter 2014
  11. “I Met a Man Who Wasn’t There” by K J Parker  Subterranean Press, Winter 2014
  12. “Pilgrims of the Round World” by Bruce Sterling  Subterranean Press, Winter 2014
  13. “The Disappearance of Josie Andrews” by Ron Collins Picasso’s Cat & Other Stories
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  1. sarathramakrish

     /  April 30, 2014

    If you want to try out a contemporary Indian author, try reading The Mine by Arnab Ray.


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