Recent Comic Reads

A short summary of some of the comics I’ve picked up in the last week.


I have been enjoying Brian K. Vaughn’s Saga, but until recently hadn’t picked up his previous series, Y: The Last Man. The story is about an escape artist with a flair for spontaneity named Yorick who finds himself being the last man on earth after a mysterious plague wipes out every other male from the planet. He is quirky, having a pet monkey and is known for being foolish, but it doesn’t slow him down from following his passions in a world where he is a precious commodity.

I very much enjoyed the first volume and will be picking up additional volumes of this comic series, which has already been completed. I really like Vaughn’s writing style and I am unfamiliar with artist Jose Marzan, Jr., but the graphics are clean and support the story well.

15720319Volume 17 and I am still reading the Walking Dead. I won’t say a lot because you are either reading the series or you aren’t. For those who are fans of the television show, I will say that the comic is similar but different. Many of the same characters are present and the comic escalates the violence a little high for my tastes.

Major things happen in the comic and Kirkman makes George R. R. Martin seem like a softy. This volume is no exception as we cringe, then wave good bye to a major character. This series has enjoyed a long run and I see no signs of it slowing down. The characters are rich and ultimately I think it is what has kept the comic going for so long.

93376I LOVE Akira. I hadn’t read it before, but now I have completed five of the six volumes. It is so inventive, filled with such SFnal goodness. There’s flying bikes and telepaths and mysterious science experiments and great action and vivid pencil work and I most certainly will reread this series again soon [takes breath].

Seriously, if you have an iota of interest in science fiction or comic books, check this out. Best manga I’ve read and on my short list for best graphic stories in general.

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