Odd Engine interviewed at Bookstore-Blogger Connection

bsbb-badge-1-smallI had the pleasure of being interviewed at the Bookstore-Blogger Connection. The site focuses on helping the independent book industry by connecting bloggers with them. Bookstore owners can use blurbs from reviewers to help sell particular titles or perhaps be profiled on the site or in a blog.

My biggest struggle with indie bookstores is finding them. I recently learned of three bookstores near my hometown that I intend on visiting in the near future. Many of them sell used books and take store credit that can be applied toward new purchases. I donate boxes full of books already to my library and I certainly could share the love with some local shops.

My interview touches on how this blog got started, reading tastes, and MOOC courses. I’m fairly reluctant to talk about myself, but it was fun having a chat.

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  1. I love interviewing other bloggers, I get to have a longer conversation with a new friend whose blog I care about, AND get to shine the spotlight on them all at the same time! 😀

    I too wish the little family bookstores were easier to find. You’re right, that most of them don’t advertise. it’s almost part of their mystique? but more realistically I think advertising is an expense they can’t afford. 😦


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