Best Book Cover Art – February 2013

In an effort to promote great art and the time and money that goes into producing it, here are two SF book covers for February 2013 that are worthy of admiration.

Hell to Pay Book covers need not have realism or intricate details to be effective. I love what was done with Matthew Hughes’ Hell to Pay. Angry Robot has published a number of superhero novels in the last few years and this cover pays homage to the trope with a comic layout.

This is the third book in the series, so perhaps I am a bit late in gawking over it (the previous two volumes shared a similar theme), but I will admit that it sticks out, giving me the urge to pick it up and read it. I particularly like the masked man kicking the title block with his oversized boots and the dinosaur apocalypse in the lower panel.

Angry Robot Books have made art a key part of their book lineup (notably using Johnny HiFi to design Chuck Wendig’s Miriam Black covers). Add some quality writing and you have a publisher worth reading!

Disestablishment I was not previously familiar with Phillip Mann, but I see he is not new to the field. The Disestablishment of Paradise is a new title by Gollansz.

And what’s not to love about this cover? Everything is interesting from the gnarly trees to the two-headed brontosaurus to the UFO shooting a beam down into the swamp.

After reading the description of the novel, I fear that the cover may be the highlight of the book, but if it is characteristic of the contents within, it may just be worth a shot.

Gollancz has reprinted many of the classics in their SF Masterworks series and this cover seems to be a slight throwback to the paperback novels of the golden age with a little bit of new weird thrown in.

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  1. Owen

     /  April 28, 2013

    Review of phillip mann’s new book


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