Review of Locke & Key, Vol. 5 by Joe Hill

13490570Title: Locke & Key, Vol. 5: Clockworks

Author: Joe Hill

Illustrators: Gabriel Rodriguez

Rating: 4 star

Publisher: IDW Publishing


Here we have the fifth collection of Joe Hill’s fantastic Locke & Key series. The premise of the story is that three siblings, Ty, Kinsey, and Bode, have suffered the loss of their father to a killer. They move to an old family mansion in Lovecraft where a series of magical keys await to be discovered. A supernatural being also wants the power of these keys and will use and even kill the kids to harness their power .

screen-captureThe fifth book is an origin story. We learn who the locksmith is and where the power of the keys come from. We learn the secret to what the Omega key opens and why Dodge is so intent on getting his hands on this key. The origin story is told as a frame story, as Tyler and Kinsey come across a clockwork key that gives them the power to travel back in time as ghosts to learn the secrets of Lovecraft, their father’s involvement in the whole matter, and the mystery behind Dodge.

What makes this story arc enjoyable is that many of the pieces that have been alluded to in previous volumes finally come together. After finishing this volume, the reader has a much better understanding of everything that is at stake and the motives behind Dodge’s incessant quest to find the Omega key. Dodge, who know inhabits the young Bode’s body, is still relentless in his pursuit, not afraid to throw anybody under the bus (both figuratively and literally speaking) to achieve his goals.

screen-capture-1The fifth volume contains everything that needs to be told, but it also serves as a bridge novel. The fourth volume ended with the death of Zack Wells and the transferring of Dodge to Bode’s body. Ty and Kinsey’s discovery of this fact is delayed in this volume, instead filling the reader in with enough back story to prepare for the final confrontation of the next volume. While the origin of the keys was interesting and a necessary thing to tell, it did suspend the quickening momentum of the series.

Gabriel Rodriguez’s artwork once again was excellent, with many intricate details and imaginative renderings of Ty and Kinsey as they travel to view past history. I enjoyed reading volume five as much as the others and look forward to its conclusion in the next volume.

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