Review of The Unraveling (Wool #4) by Hugh Howey

13314945Title: The Unraveling (Wool#4)

Author: Hugh Howey

Rating: 5 star

Publisher: Broad Reach

Format: Electronic (Kindle)

The self-published serial sensation continues in the fourth book with the exile of silo eighteen’s sheriff, Juliette, to the toxic outer world. Her hazmat suit, unlike most suits, is equipped with materials that can withstand the radiation that plagues the landscape. This will buy her some time, but sooner or later she will run out of air.

Meanwhile, Juliette’s new love interest, Lukas, has become a shadow to the silo’s new mayor and begins to learn some of the secrets and protocols of the silo. This information becomes critical as there are some characters from Supply that want to expose the silo’s conspiracy and aren’t afraid of spilling blood in the process.

The Unraveling is by far my favorite Wool story to date. It is a continuation of book three, but we finally get to see beyond the subterranean walls of the silo into the world at large. Juliette is a protagonist we can cheer for — she is courageous and resourceful, determined against all odds to survive. Her love interest, Lukas, provides for an interesting twist as we see him involved with conflicting loyalties.

Told from three viewpoints, The Unraveling begins a shift from episodic fiction to a true serial format. As Juliette moves beyond silo eighteen, the story becomes more epic in nature with yet more characters being introduced. We gain a better understanding of the strategy in the silo designs and the psychological factors that accompany them. There is lots of action and the chapters leave you unable to set the book down. I eagerly await finishing this story arc with book five.

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