My stats for 2012

MH900441527Like a bad April fools joke, the book review blog, Odd Engine, began in April of 2012. I had attempted a couple of blogs previously, but never was passionate enough about the content to keep it going. Reading is something that I do almost as regularly as eating or breathing, so it seemed to be a natural topic that I could keep up with enthusiasm.

For those who are interested in stats of a fledgling blog, here are some of mine:

    • First review: Ready Player One by Ernie Cline
    • Total novels reviewed: 43 (an average of 57 novels reviewed/year)
    • Total graphic novels reviewed: 19 (an average of 25 graphic novels reviewed/year)
    • ~2500 page views (only about 15/day, and peaks at 100+/day, depending on who shares a link)
    • Most popular posts:
      1. Review: Space Battles Anthology
      2. Review of Classic Novels of the 1950s by Gary K. Wolfe
      3. Eight Reasons to Read Science Fiction 

      I find it interesting to note that anthologies top the list of most viewed pages (but not surprising, considering the variety of authors for a given collection/anthology). I also find it interesting that one of my non-book reviews made the top three. Actually, none of my core content, being novel and graphic novel reviews, made the top three.

    • Top 5 strangest search terms:
      “Bigby and Snow White make love”
      “Is my internet connection monitored”
      “dead animal because of air pollution”
      “odd engine porn”
      “odd engines the fall of man”
    • Total Followers: 21

So there you have it, 2012 in review. Thanks for all of those who have been reading and if there are any suggestions on how to make this blog more interesting, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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